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Quality of Experience

For video content services, measuring the quality of the end-user experience is of the utmost importance.

The overall experience of a video service is also affected by user interface experience, price, subscription model and the features of the content catalog. However, the quality of viewing content has the greatest impact on the end-user experience. Oftentimes it may be the reason why many users leave a video service.

QoE Score

Overall QoE Score is a metric that describes the overall viewer experience of video streaming in a single number.
A score of 100 means every viewer had a satisfying experience, and a score of 0 means that every viewer had a frustrating experience.

Overall QoE Score is based on four other viewer experience scores, which each describe one of the four elements of video streaming performance: Playback Success, Startup, Smoothness, and Quality

Playback Success Score

This score focuses on whether a video played back successfully.

Startup Score

This score describes how viewers perceive the startup time to reach the start of viewing a video.

Smoothness Score

This score measures the amount of buffering events a viewer sees when watching video. A higher score means the viewer experiences less buffering, while a lower score means a viewer sees more buffering.

Quality Score

This score measures the perceptive quality a viewer sees by comparing the quality of a video stream to the quality fitting of the player in which it is played.