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Gaining insights into how content is watched and what the most successful content and consumption types are, is a core part of the daily video service management.

Using this functionality, video services can increase consumption by changing "Traditional content editorialization". This means they will:

  1. Automatically identify the most successful content on each specific day of the week/time of the day/device.

  2. Based on (1) a different UX/UI can be shown, so individuals can more easily access the most likely content to be played. A data-driven approach to editorialization can be easily managed to increase consumptions as individuals will have an easier search and discovery experience.

This functionality can be further leveraged to make a business impact by:

  • Supporting licensing/production prioritization based on which content types/attributes better fit your audience

  • Identifying "content gems" . Understanding which content is driving more trials/paying users to your video service.

  • Discontinuing/releasing non-performing content.